Tuesday, December 30, 2008

well, then!

Is anybody looking forward to getting "Back to it?", like me?
Playing with the new experiment kits, using the new tools, being stimulated by all that new material?
Here we go!

('Course, it could be that I'm the only one still walking around asking "What the he....tarnation happened to my house?" -in my Must Do, Must Bake, Must Make crafting absense- and everyone else has already begun their fun!)


  1. Getting "back to it" - What in tarnation are you thinking!!! I am so loving being totally out of it! without the deadline of a looming Christmas... I would quite like to stay in the depths of tarnation (that my house has sighed itself into) for quite a while yet! Have a great New Year... dying to watch more of your posts.

  2. se7en - Oh, I miss the play!!
    Neighborhood walks, experiments, games, watching the magic happen-- the carpets with the peanut shells and pistachios (with the wit of carpets with peanut and pistachio shells) aren't doing much for me! :)

  3. Oh, me too! I am tired of this holiday-induced mental fog and I am ready to dig in and do some serious exploring/learning/playing/creating type stuff!

  4. I'm looking forward to getting my mornings back. As it is stands, my whole routine is all over the place, thanks to everyone being home. I'm enjoying them immensely! But, I'd give my eye teeth for an hour alone! ;)

  5. Which is why I don't complain too loudly that my current sleep cycle is about 9pm-4/5 am! :)
    Lots of delicious, quiet, alone time in that a.m.!


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