Friday, December 12, 2008


"Because I'm making a lot of our toys this year."
"You are?" asks Little Son, and you can see an idea forming...."Are you in competition with Santa Claus?"


  1. i've been meaning to ask you something regarding all your crafting and gift in the world do you find all the time?

    by the way, that stick horse is RAD! i've been looking for one here in japan for over a year now. both boys want one, but i've never found one. now i have my answer to the stick horse dilemma.

  2. lzC-
    Easy! My house is a mess! :)

    The stick horse is Easy - it took me about three hours to make both! The craft stores have the dowels for them.

  3. Sounds like you are still cranking it all out! I've hit a mini rut. My 4 year old wants to snuggle any time I sit to work on something. I cannot even pick up a book without him sitting on it to stop me. So, I snuggle. Not craft. Life could be worse though, eh? ;)

  4. Maddie's been doing that (being very near) the last few days, too.
    When I'm done for the day, and reading (as is my wont) she's right there.
    Climbing on me, singing songs, hugging me, snuggling, doing puzzles, playing music...
    And then when she gets bored, running off to torment her brother laughing crazily, and running back to "home plate" for safety. :)

  5. lol - he's a funny kid.

    Gray's going through an attached phase right now. He has to be touching me at all times. That makes reading to the girls and singing with them easy, but makes crafting and housework hard. If there's something I absolutely have to get done (like my caps), I strap him on my back. He's been strapped to me a lot lately - he loves it.

    But I have had to stop wearing sweats or yoga pants. A babe just trying to stand up can try your patience like nothing else when he's pulling your pants down. lol

  6. Sarah -
    Having my pants pulled down is something that sends me through the roof.
    Very smart of you to stop wearing them!


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