Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17

Tidying up. While singing though a kazoo.

Two lying in the sun.
Reading by the children.
Harry the Dirty Dog stories read by Mama leisurely over breakfast.

Ice swords.
Winter sculptures.
Walking with Dinosaurs documentary.

Expressing and discussing theories of flying - with balloons in backpacks.
Which of course led to testing the theory.
"Let's get a picture so we can document the entire experiment", says his Mama.
Then, "You look so serious!"
"I'm determined to be able to fly, Mom."
I tried not to smile, I really did. Til the bitter end.
I offered him my theories and a balloon and hot air experiment, but he wants Helium.
And then we discovered this.
We're totally gonna do that.

Fighting Bad Guys.

We finished our Snowman.
And gave free rides.
And explored the neighborhood to see what it had to offer us today.whoosh!

One of us hosted a tea party (whereupon One stripped a fabric flower of its petals and put said petals in One's tea) while one of us started the cookie dough and one of us played Lego Batman.

Chocolate Chip Cookies.
And Peanut Butter Balls.
(Neither of which turned out -for the very first time- so I'm hanging up my Candy Maker hat for the day. 'Seems prudent before I waste any more fine chocolate.)

Cyber Chase.

Aah. Wouldn't you know it? I just took burned cookies out of the oven....

Developing motor skills with Darts.

Fun with the marble run.
Books. Lots and lots of books. Among them, The Night Before Christmas, The Nutcracker, The New Adventures of Mr. Toad, and The Twelve Days of Christmas.


I think it's just about time for dinner and a movie.
We'll prob'ly see you tomorrow


  1. Such delight driven days. Living the life!-K

  2. Love the viral video with the pants. That would be fun to do. :)


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