Wednesday, December 17, 2008

three days

we've played in the snow and built a snowman.

we've made treats for friends and neighbors-and have eaten most of them before we've made the accompanying cookies.

painted marshmallow shooters
Trev has collected a shark's tooth, the ammonite, a sea urchin, and a nautiloid

we've re-assembled shooters for gifts
we've discussed butterfly pupa.

we've watched prehistory documentaries

Christmas shows

and Peep videos.

we've experimented more with physics and levers and pulleys
we've made each other laugh (mostly unintentionally)
and sometimes irritated (often intentionally).

we've experimented with magnets

and done puzzelts

stalked eachother armed with pompons (which are perfect for the marshmallow shooters, thanks, Julie)

built things
and played with the physics kit.

we've made messes and cleaned 'em up

and have made messes and are still hoping that someone else will come by to do it.

Dunno what today will hold.
We'll let you know!

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  1. We have been having such a deep freeze (well below zero many days) that we have been inside a bit doing all kinds of projects too. Busy days!

    My boys rollerblade and scooter in the house too. Usually in PJ's, but love the undies look. ;)


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