Monday, December 08, 2008


Two or three years ago - the very first time I made slime - it was fabulous. What a perfect concoction that turned out to be!
Every since then, I've tried a few times and only got frustrated. I swear I followed the same recipe, so how could it have turned out so wrong???

But today - today all has been forgiven and forgotten.

We've not only managed to do it right, we have experimented enough with it to learn how to save it once things start going awry!

Here, then, is our
Best Day Slime.
Or... "Best Day Tar".

You'll need a tiny bit of borax, some glue, and water.
Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon borax in a half cup of hot water.
For a small batch, start with a half cup white glue (Elmer's works well) and a half cup of warm water.
Add your preferred coloring to the glue and water.
Stir, stir, stir, stir it.
It is recommended that you use a flat wooden object to stir - we used a popsicle stick- I'm not sure why that is, but since it turned out okay.....

When your glue/water combo is even and well mixed, add a tiny (!) bit of the borax solution. Like a teaspoon.
Stir it quickly like mad to get it mixed well.
If you find the solution too wet (sticky and slimy) then add a wee bit more of the borax solution.

If it gets too hard and lumpy (as was our problem the last few times) add more warm water - plain water, not the borax water. Borax won't save you then.

You can store it in a ziplock for future play.


  1. Where do you find black food coloring? I want to make this so much!!!! We have made the slime before, but the tar pit idea is a stroke of genius!!!

  2. Hi Theresa!
    I got it in the cake-making section of the craft store - Michael's, actually.
    I got it for Halloween! :)

  3. See? I just didn't get that far yet! :)

  4. Excellent!Thanks. I would never have thought to look there.


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