Wednesday, December 31, 2008

late night new year's eve

because you know. 8:35pm is late to me.
Just sittin' here in my bed with my laptop.
With Maddie bouncing around next to me.
Talking in a grrrr voice, getting really close -nose to nose- and breathing her pickle garlic breath on me.
Then she looks at her blood - her fingers over the flashlight.
And wants mine.
And asks me if I can see blood when she tries to stuff the flashlight into her mouth.
And then she jumps around some more, singing.
And then she says, "Mom, I gots a squiggly thing in my mouf. Stuck in my teef."
So we brush her teeth, and she comes back after rinsing, bouncing and squealing, "It's gone, now!!"
And she makes kitty-cat noises, and does a funny dance.
And then she snuggles, and tells me how comfy I am.

And I think how much I love red flannel night gowns, baby teeth, dances in bed and garlicky pickle breath.

life's good.


  1. yes, it is. happy new year.

  2. isn't it nice to notice the small things- happy new year

  3. happy new year, friend.

  4. Life is good and i am new to this blog. How lovely...xx

  5. Denise and CLZ- xxoo.

    Julie and Amber - welcome, and thanks so much for leaving a comment!

  6. Happy, happy new year.

  7. Life is just filled with wonderful little things. Happy new year to you and your family.


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