Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Soleil!

We were the venue hosts for our little friend's birthday party.
As usual when we get together, it was (just about) an all-day affair!

And, as usual, there was much running and jumping and Not Holding Still for clear picture taking! :)
There was fun

and music
and crownsand chocolates

and cake

and flower tagand computer play :)

and games of Red Light, Green Light
with much hilarityand snow eating

and chasingand running

and bubbles
and rasslin'.
Happy, Happy Birthday, So!Thanks for sharing your day with us.


  1. OOH We have a certain girl in our house who is celebrating her 7th right now! so thinking Of Soleil! Trev cut his locks! he looks great, but I will miss that hair as well! I always stare at my kids a lot when they have a big haircut. They look so different! Looks like you all had a great day!-K

  2. I keep staring.
    I must have asked him twenty times if he was sure. :)
    And then I asked why?, just to be certain.
    An' he said "'cuz I get sweaty, and it's itchy." Fair enough.

    But it'll probably be another year or two before he wants another one, so I'll make it, I hope.

  3. Cute photos! Looks like quite the day.

    Wow - you have green grass and leaves on the ground still!

  4. We have a tree in front that just barely shed it's leaves - much later than all the other trees.
    And it's been pretty warm - 40's during the day.
    Supposedly the weekend will bring on a snowfest - they say about three weeks of it!

  5. thanks again for hosting the fun.
    we had a great time!
    oh, and we LOVE the fairy garb you made.


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