Friday, December 19, 2008

forecast for this house

today? snow.

saturday? snow.

sunday? snow.

monday? snow.

tuesday? snow.

wednesday? snow.

thursday? snow.

friday? snow.

I'll tell you what... with news like that, it makes this Mama want to do lots of scrubbin', listenin' to jingly music, fire up the oven, and fill up the crockpot.

baking, wrapping presents, playing games by the light of the christmas tree, sippin' cocoa, and long winter's naps.

I'd count myself lucky if we could just stay home for the next week straight.
maybe we will.


  1. Those are my kind of days! And Whoa, thats a lot of snow!

  2. Oh, man! That sounds good! We're enjoying a snowstorm right now, too...but I don't think we're expecting a week of it. :)

  3. that sounds ideal to me as well. happy homing. happy solstice. and merry jolly christmas.

  4. That is what I said! :) Bring it on.

  5. Our forecast has also included "butt cold" each day.


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