Tuesday, December 09, 2008

December 9

castle fun
portrait of Mama on the chalk board with new chalk

little surprises

play with quicksand

movie -demo- making of said play (but it's too big to put up.)

snow eating

There Goes a Train video

Reader Rabbit Toddler


Magic School Bus Volcano game

snow eating

MSB Lands On Mars game

the invention of "jumping over" games - to see how far She can go.

MSB Takes Flight game

(and still cleaning)

Wonder Words game

children rasslin'

settlin' in.

a pretty quiet day.


  1. OMG - the playmobil castle. My son Duncan LIVES for his (and playmobil in general), he pined over it for almost a year!

  2. We love playmobil!
    Even the ones that have lost their arms and the tops-of-their heads!! :)

  3. hi there... i was wondering where you got the men (specifically the king)? it doesnt look like playmobil. do you know what the brand is? thanks so much. juliana

  4. Hi Juliana.
    They're Schleich pieces.


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