Saturday, December 06, 2008

December 5

"Is the gingerbread house ready to eat now?" she asked while she climbed into her chair at the kitchen table.
"Want me to get you a fork?" asked her mother, rolling her eyes.

"Do I look like a Indian Gril?" I love that she says "gril" instead of girl. It always makes me smile.

Martha Speaks online. And George. (Practicing her skills with the arrow keys on George today.)

Lizard videos, tar pits, and geysers for one, and JumpStart Preschool World for the other.

Soon it was time for the advent calendar, and there was merry-making and chocolate eating and kazoo piping.

And silly string shooting. Great fun, that.

I got Maddie a cute Melissa & Doug rubber stamp kit of animals. She loved that pretty well-ly.

Eventually friends came over to play (these and these), and spent the rest of the day with us. We thought maybe we'd go bike riding, but Maddie hurt her knee (I don't know how) so it was all I could do to try to keep her from jumping and leaping and flying with her friends. We'll see how it is when she wakes up this morning. Hopefully well.
But we got six more cans of silly string, and jumped, and played on the computer, and ran, and played with puzzles, and beads, and in the kitchen, and with clay, and Scooby and the gang with the Mystery Machine.
A pretty grand afternoon and rest-of-the-night.

A fine day.


  1. Spray silly string on that knee. Works like a charm!-K

  2. Sounds like a busy fun day.

    My boys both say 'grurl'. Love it. :)


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