Thursday, December 04, 2008

December 4

Today we wanted to take advantage of free admission to the Utah Museum of Natural History, compliments of the reciprocating program from our Aviary membership.
I'm so glad we went - it's been a while since we've been, I (and we) really love it there. So Night at the Museum-ish. :)We always are suspicious when we go.
Daddy was able to go with us.
First thing Maddie planted herself at the table by the paleontologist's lab and did puzzles. Of course she did.
A paleontologist was going into the lab as we were arriving near the door, and she told us that the skull that was displayed was a brand new discovery, Diabloceratops. Pretty cool.
(note: I forgot the name, and just asked Trev what the name was-- he remembered, of course.)
giant crystals
glowing mineralsglowing irredescent scarab beetles
glowing scorpions
vinegar scorpions (vinegaroon)
roly polies (Madd loved that one!)
touchable dimetrodon (you know he loves that)
and giant slothsAnd contributions on our way out. Always a favorite.

We had intended to start our Crackers today (so we stopped at the store to get a few ingredients that we needed), but we got sidetracked. As usual. Instead we played with our marshmallows with skewers and the measuring tapes to make geometric 3d and 2d shapes.
But the marshmallows got sticky and irritating. So we got out the clay. Much better! Definitely the way to go. Today we got real familiar with the tetrahedron and cube shapes.
And we got a little jiggy wid it with ancient nunchucks (Trev's invention). We've now put the skewers in a ziploc for future use - I think this one will be a hit. Can't wait to build towers and such with them.....

Then more building. In the name of Gingerbread House.
It was decided that it was Turkey Noodle Soup for dinner. Trev headed to the herb garden to pluck some sage (which he chose accurately). Maddie got to put it in the pot a little while later.

In a few minutes we plan on popping some corn - the babes will eat the buttered while their Mama strings some with rosehips to decorate the little fir trees in the den, and we'll watch Santa or Rudolph and then maybe Christmas Vacation (Trev's idea).

And that will probably be about it for us.
G'night, then.


  1. Lovely lovely day. The house came out so awesomely! i love those things-K

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Kyan planted himself at the puzzles as well the other day:)

    Great idea with the skewers and dough, the other day we used straws, which worked, but then lots of dough got stuck in the straws, which pretty much renders them non-recyclable:( I think we actually have some already too.

    Are you doing your gingerbread house from a kit? Just wondering, I wouldn't know how to do one otherwise, but thought it might be a fun project.

    Hope to see you guys later today!

  3. Julie - Oh, homemade of course! I made sheets of gingerbread, then cut it carefully while it was still warm.... Psh. :O No, I bought the kit like a month ago at Costco. :)

    If I'd have thought of straws, I'd probably think that was a good idea, too! Actually I think fettuccini might work well, as you'd be able to break it exactly to the length you want it. The sticks don't do that easily. We used spaghetti yesterday also, but it didn't work so hot. Not too bad, though. But I don't know how well it'd hold up under weight of a tower. ??

    We'll see you today!

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