Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31

Trev started off with a new downloaded game. FusionFall, I think.

Painting with water colors.
And then it was turned into a paper airplane.
And then a pirate's spy glass.
Then we had to get out the tempura paints.
And now with her new apron covering her front, and a baby covering her back.
Portrait of Santa Claus.
But we need black. For his belt.
And then she had to paint a candy cane and a drawer and a Christmas Tree.
And make that one into an airplane.
And then Mama had to fold the airplane first so that Baby could paint the airplane.
And then we had to get Daddy. And Mama. The all look remarkably alike. Well - they certainly all have the same hair.

Trevelyn has an idea that he wants to make a movie.
Not with the camera, but a real movie.

Curious George.

Out. Out! Out!!
Out we went. Mama needed to smell the outside. To breathe the Outside. To To hear the Outside. To touch the Outside.
Evidently, the babes did, too.
[smiles at this.] Even under all those layers.

What an insightful moment/decision that was.
For we came back in -eventually... refreshed. Renewed. Replenished. Relaxed. Re-friended.

We've checked in with Desperaux, to see how his journey into the dungeon is going.

Now we're back to where we started - on the computer for one, toting around babies in snugglies for the other.

It's 6:28, and all is well.
G'night then.
Happy New Year's Eve.


  1. busy day! :

    we tried to get out but the below zero this morning just about did the boys in. they now want to move to hawaii. ;)

  2. Denise - I think it might have been above freezing today here!

  3. "Well - they certainly all have the same hair."



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