Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30

Animal identification and habitat placement. Stickers, of course.

Scooby Doo games. The Glowing Bugman, and Mystery Files #3 - Frights, Camera, Action.
And Peep videos.

We broke into our first science kit today. (The first of four that we recieved as gifts.)Er, and the goggles.This one holds experiments with color. We discussed and learned about carbon dioxide. (again.) We mixed colors. Shone light through colors and water. Played with polyacrylamide crystals. Made a wand with the polyacrylamide crystals that we'll study for change over the next couple of days.

We finally cuddled in for the first eight chapters of The Tale of Despereaux.

We checked out solar beads. And learned that only ultra-violet light will change their color. And learned that weak, winter evening sunlight coming in through the kitchen window will not change the color of our beads. Which must mean that we cannot obtain a suntan from sitting near the window!

We learned (and experienced) that dogs see in reddish grays.And that squirrels see blues and yellows.
And that octopi don't really see color but lights in darks of one shade - that closest color being blue. (It's so hard to imagine colors other than what we see, isn't it?)
And we learned how a caterpillar sees - only light and dark. Turn toward the sun or light, then turn away from it. You can sense the light and dark - this is what a caterpillar sees - light and dark - eye spots! 'Course, now we have to learn what butterflies see....

Since 3d glasses are red and blue lenses, we checked to see if these light filters would work with Trev's National Geographic Sea Monsters book. Not much.

We discovered that the snow is quite different today - it's very hard and crunchy, instead of soft and dry - as it's been for the last two weeks.
Trev's mixing DNA. The DNA of the colors, that is.Which is kind of funny. Or cute.
But when you know that he got a DNA science kit for Christmas from Santa.... and you understand that the boy is all about extracting and creating and copying DNA right now (pretend or not).... not so cute. Just cool.
But I think we're saving that one for tomorrow....


Animals Most Extreme...

World's Worst Venom (if it's gonna be on, there's some confusion) and popcorn

and more tales of Desperaux.

A delicious day.


  1. Oh, that picture of the doggie with the smiling child!
    We used to have a Saint named Mckinley. He was such a love to us. Drue learned to stand by pulling up on him. He was such a lump! So gentle to us, but aggressive to others. Poor guy. Bad breeding and Saints don't mix.

    Thanks for the sweet memories!

  2. Fun! We started cracking out the science projects too. My science lover FREAKED OUT when we did a new germ gel and black light experiment. When he really really really got that there are all these millions of things on us that we cannot see with the naked eye. It is pretty freaky, though, so don't blame him! ;)

    We will have to check out your projects - that color kit looks cool!

  3. Wow you all are so wonderfully busy! Where do you get all the ideas and materials for the experiments?!?!?!
    I'm really enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing and happy new year!


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