Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December 2

Maddie started out with a video she wanted to share with me about balloons. If I can find it, I'll link.

Trev started off on ZooTycoon.

Made some boxes out of paper

read a few stories

Advent presents today were retractable measuring tapes. A big hit, that.
Trev dusted his room - Made it sparkly, he said.

Our day was spent mostly cleaning and playing.

A tea party with Bunny.
And then a luncheon.
"Me and Bunny are going to play Follow the Leader. Want to pway wiff us?"
How can I resist? Bunny was the leader.
And then it was Follow the Hedgehog.

And "Let's do puzzelts!"
Always puzzelts.

When Daddy got home it was lots more super-cuteness - "Let's pway Scooby Doo!" and puzzelts and Follow the Hedgehog. And running and tickling games.

Trev's been on the computer for the most part the last couple of days (aside from his documentaries) - he didn't get a lot of time when his cousins were here, so he's making up for it. He got Mr. Freeze! (level 3, now) on Lego Batman, so he's super excited about that.

Today's probably going to be a busy and grand one, so we'll see you tonight.

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