Monday, December 22, 2008

days and days...

Goodness, it's been an age since we've recorded anything!
Shall I just post a few pictures?

via December 20

And then today....

We started off with loads of Magic School Bus.

And cookies.Don't you just love sweet little hands?

And lots of gettin' Jiggy wid' it via Feliz Navidad!

And private time.

"Madd? Whatcha doin'?"
More paper rustling and tearing noises.
"Madd. Whatcha doin'?"
Silence.Upon a sigh, her Mama headed into the livingroom, and easily determined ('cause Mama's are really good at that sort of thing -- Indeed, Mama's know Even Before They Enter The Room) where she was.
"Madd. Whatcha doin?"
She hasn't figured out yet that she has No Chance. No Chance At All.
She might have squeezed her eyes tight and said a little prayer - I can't be sure. As here eyes were quite successfully hidden.
"I'm right here. Behind the Christmas Tree."
"Oh. Whatcha doin'?"
"Uh.... I'm just sittin' here."
"Oh. How come?"
"Uh - Oh.... I was just opening this present."
You gotta give here credit for giving it up. You know. Eventually.

We're expecting friends... and since we've been cooped up and have driven each other quite mad (we're Quite Mad, you know....) we're all about whooping it up with them.
Feliz Navidad!!


  1. Aww eggnog and a little something. Bring it! Loved that she was behind the tree just, sitting there. you know behind the tree. Kiss that dog, and give her a cookie. For me.-K

  2. Feliz Navidad is huge 'round these parts too.

    *Love* sweet little hands and sweet pudgy little feet. In fact, yesterday I took several pictures and ended up framing them with Ainser's feet in them because, well, they're the sweetest, pudgiest little feet.

  3. Hi there I just discovered you the last week or so and loving all the stuff in your ordinary life. It looks so familiar well minus the snow... I had to comment on the personage behind the tree - isn't it the truth if they can't see you then you can't possibly see them!

    Enjoy the holidays!

  4. Thanks Se7en for leaving a comment!
    It must be true!


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