Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

What a lovely and fun day we've had.

Inspired by a project we're working on for Beloved GrandMama's, we headed outside for a bit of Snowplay.
What a grand time!
Annabelle Fierce Charlie Snowdog had a rambuctious game of You-Can't-Catch-the-Santa-Hat with Trevelyn. Great fun and uproarious laughs, that.When their Mama was ready to come inside, the babes asked if we could take a walk.
Inspired, they certainly were, as we ran into this fabulous bit of fun - a very few steps from our front door.
One of the highlights was when the Mama was so busy getting a shot, that she didn't put herself in a safe place, and Trev ended up sliding -on his sled!- right between my feet.My Goodness. That was a lucky Escape From Disaster. oof.
Considering I was totally unprepared. And am a stately five-foot-three-and-a-half inches.
lol. All I can think is the boy must have seen it coming, and ducked.

Then it was down to Serious Business.Add Image
Followed by a very serious photo shoot.Oh yes she did. She ATE my stamp pad. The whole thing.
We're packing The Goodies with Love.
We're tucking our hands into mittens, our ears into caps, and loading up the sled with them.

Then we're coming home to begin The Tale of Despereaux. Which Little Son is Greatly looking forward to.
Merry Christmas Eve Eve to All
And to all Good Night!


  1. How much popcorn actually made it on to the garland? It looks too yummy and fun! We loose alot to the dog who loves to catch it mid-air.

    Great Pictures!

  2. LillyZoo - it was a few days old, so...
    (but they ate it, anyway, of course)
    Maddie kept eating the cranberries. Is this one sour? she'd ask.
    I'd tell her they're all sour, and she'd eat another to try again. :)

  3. Looks like a wonderful day. That was a close call on the sled. Hope you and your family enjoy the next few days just as much.

  4. It looks like a very full day! And ooh, yummy stamp pad.
    Have a wonderful holiday!


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