Tuesday, December 09, 2008

a boy's life

His mama espied him frozen across the front door. "I'm in camoflauge!"

"I can control the whole world with this." First the horse end, and then the Business End. (waves it around hypnotically.)

"Mom can I have a bath, now?"
"Of course. You might get your hair wet too, so I can cut your bangs if you still want me to."
"Yeah. I'm done with that career, now."
"What?" his Mama asks above the noise of her starting his bath water.
"I'm done with that career. The boy's longest hair career."
I'll miss it.

"Do any sea animals at all drink?"

"But solar power can't always be used, because there is no sun in the dark time."


  1. Ha! I love the career conversation. And the sea animal one is a very good question!


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