Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10

Trev asked this morning if he could paint a picture for me.
Did you feel that strange breeze across your cheek? That was me moving at the speed of light to get his materials ready.
Madeleine heard the word "Paint" while playing in the tub at the other end of the house, so of course she scurried into the den as well.After Operation - a favorite at the moment -
the children needed a diversion from their frustration that the dsl was brinking again. Their mama suggested "Steps From Home", and everyone was game.
While I was getting ready to go, Trev asked me if he could parachute with the umbrella. I told him he'd need a more substantial one then the little one he had - which led to today's vocabulary word. (I don't mean that we have daily vocabulary words, just that he's always asking -and remembering- what words mean.)
What a lovely, rainy time we had.Trev had to climb up onto our neighbor's porch with the umbrella to see if he could parachute down with the umbrella. You know. Like Mary. Guess he had to know for himself.Not quite.
Ah well.

Maddie plays JumpStart World Preschool.Their Mama stole the babes away for a little while - I wanted to offer them some of the goodies I found today on Earth's Kids: Thanksgiving.

We started off with Turkey Facts. Which Trevelyn loved. Particularly the Turkey Trot, Benjamin Franklin saying he wanted the turkey to be the national bird, that they sleep in trees, and they live in every state except for Alaska.

We then read the adapted tale The Spirit of the Corn- An Iroquois Legend by Harriet Maxwell.

Leaves for our Thankful Tree.

Turkey jokes.

Hide and Seek.

Magic tricks.
Back to leaves.But the children got a little agitated, and since it's raining a drenching sort of rain, and Daddy has his rain jackets with him fishing, I thought working out a little frustration on clay might be just the ticket.

Which turned out to be a really good idea.

Then it was A Thanksgiving Rebus Story. Which was really quite wonderful - Trev and I took turns reading the pages, and I was astounded at the words he was reading. So awesome.
The best part was when the kids started taking the turkey to their home, and Trev said "Oh, this could get ugly!", but it turned out quite alright! :)

When days are Busy, this is my favorite sort. When everything just flows, and one moment just melds naturally into the next.
Lots of new things, and lots of variance.

Puzzles.Maddie is so amazing me with her puzzle skills. At first -a few days ago- I had to help with the first few pieces. Now she's doing 30+ pieces all by Herself. It's a fantastic thing to see, this ordinary life magic.

And now it's time for me to find Scooby Doo, vaccuum the den (I never finished cleaning the den this morning!) and get ready for Daddy's arrival home from his End Of The Season fishing day.... so that we can work on our Thanksgiving Tree (something we've done and have loved the last two years).
I'll fill you in on that, tomorrow.
That's prob'ly "Goodnight", then.


  1. Yes, detail us on the thankful tree! we love doing OLM crafts here on the creek! Thank you so much for posting the Earth kids link. We have enjoyed the poems and jokes. Tomorrow, more...Isn't it insane how the reading just explodes like that. yes, true that, how can it be doubted?-K

  2. I love those busy ebb and flow and wandering days. It always seems when my boys get into the groove the days are like that - go apart, come together, do separate things, plan elaborate stuff as a team, move from activity to activity, play games, and just weave around the day in such a good way. Love that.

  3. Puzzle fans here too. :) Looks like a lovely day!


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