Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19

Today I looked up from The Crafts, and wondered What In Tarnation had happened to our house in my absence.

We checked on the snowflakes that I made (with a wee bit of help from Maddie).
We'll be making more (with the children) after Eric gets back from the store with more magic potion.

We had to go to the craft store (woohoo!) to get a couple of things.
And to the market. To get a couple of things.
But first-- to lunch! because Mama was hungry. We went to our favorite Lunch Spot.
"Why don't we try somewhere new? Want to?" Nope. We discussed fish over lunch.Rubio's Kids Meal Toys, how I love you. Yo guys so rock.

To the craft store, then.
The first one a dud.
Then back to our own neighborhood one.
Now we're (yet again) at the kitchen table - Mama is painting for gifts, and Trev is unearthing dinosaur bones.We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Looks like a great day! I so have to start making stuff. I am feeling a lack of motivation. I will have to wait to cycle through my lack of gumption, but when I do, it may be something. LOVE your new banner!-K

  2. We love craft stores, so much inspiration around! I have yet to get started on making Christmas gifts. Yet all of a sudden I feel so inspired.

    I too, love the new banner. Your pictures are always so lovely.


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