Thursday, November 06, 2008

something old, something new....

By ten something this morning we'd already had several things going on - Maddie doing puzzles (again); Trev had "invented a business" consisting of selling tickets to riding down the stairs in a basket; Madd learning letters, shapes, and numbers via Clifford cd; Trevelyn conducting experiments in our tiny pond - putting in his toes, (brrr!) -breaking the ice- and then dragging out a chair, and then testing other things to see what the ice would hold; and discussions on food chains - phyto and zooplankton to us, and grass to mice to snakes to eagles; and research in The Great Big Book Of Everything - wait, that's not right.... the Big Book Of Living Things.

I asked Trev if he wanted to play with me while Daddy and Maddie were on the computers.

We played a game of dominoes.Which led to spirals and empires.
I remembered a game with the tangrams that I have been wanting to try: You set up a book or something between the players to block what you're doing, and you describe how you're placing shapes connecting to each other (on top of, laying flat, to the left of, etc). After the instructor is done, you see how efficiently your directions were given and followed.It was really fun! We played several games.

Snow eating.

Chasing and hiding with snow. (with Daddy.)

Hide and seek. (with Daddy.)

Playing Pirates. (with Daddy.) I was forbidden from taking a picture of Eric in the Captain's hat. Hmmph.

And then Pirates with Mama.

More snow eating and more Clifford.

Fort building.
We've tried out lots of new things today.

I've debated back and forth about posting these pics, as my skills are sorely lacking today. I keep thinking "what the hell is wrong with these colors???" and checking my settings, but all seems normal.
Evidently I'm just having a really bad picture day!
Delete them / keep them in / delete them / keep them in / delete them / keep them in and apologize...
Which is where you find me at the moment.

It's 3:53 - I spose it's gonna be dark in three seconds, so I'd best prepare for it.

Can I say "Goodnight" at three-something???


  1. I love a great day of fun and games. Your photos are fine, I loved them!

  2. Fun! We love games too. I actually get excited as the boys get older because they want to learn new ones and play more! :)


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