Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sharing the Holidays

Hi friends.
I've been looking over some books and websites this morning, and I've gotten some lovely ideas for the coming busy and sparkly season.
I think we'll be making many of our gifts this year (a rather large fete, as we are not exactly "Step into my Enchanting Etsy Shop" people at my house. We try, but....), and I have begun collecting ideas and getting ready.

Here's what I'm thinking:

I'll of course share my favorite ideas, as always, but I would really appreciate it if you'd share yours, too. You don't have to post directions or anything -- even if you could leave a comment saying "We're going to do this..." and give a link, or "We did something cool today, make sure to check out today's post!"

I'm hoping this way we can share ideas, and I can keep everything in one spot!

It's pure selfishness - I'll see something beautiful that I think someone I know will love, then I'll forget where I saw it, and won't be able to find it again.
This way, I can have everything under one category, including the comments.

Anybody interested?


  1. i am of course! i love all the crafts you've been doing! so beautiful.

  2. How about these? Very simple, but strangely mesmerizing.

  3. Sarah - We have some! :)
    You can see them on happy-and-free.
    I think we'll make some more to hang from the garland that goes around the top of our front porch (hang them after Thanksgiving.)
    I also made one with moss and a dried rose the other day... it's very pretty!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!