Saturday, November 08, 2008


Well. I didn't pay All That Much Attention to what was going on today.
I had a bit of my own thing going on.
But I took time when it was requested.
I read, when I was asked.
I cut apples.
Made chocolate milk, when necessary.
You know. Made time for all the Important Stuff.

Here's a bit of how it looked when my eyes could be peeled away from a baseboard.

First thing this morning Daddy and Trev had their noses buried back in Big Book Of Living Things.I'm not sure what all they were studying - when I dashed through the room, it was snakes....

Puzzles for Madd. Maddie is living for puzzles these days.

Uh... we didn't really get six-and-a-half inches of snow what... three? days ago....

Then it was "Out With The Old", and "In With The New"! - I speak of our "Learning Cupboard" (the cupboard in our entertainment center in the livingroom).

tangram blocks and cards
other wooden geo shapes and their cards
books, books, and books
cards (dinosaur cards, crazy 8, Pooh cards)
physics kit

beads, lacing cards and strings
magnets and iron filings
more magnets - letters, namely
puzzles and puzzles. 23 of them, actually.
The Best Book of Bugs, Wiggly Worms at Work, Spinning Spiders, Discoveries: Stars & Planets, Watch Me Grow: Butterfly, Discoveries: Reptiles, Atlas - The Ultimate Guide to the World, Scolastic Atlas of Oceans, DK E-Guides to Earth, and Big Book of Living Things - A Guide To Everything Living On Our Planet
Operation, Bingo, Mystery Garden, Jenga, and Poppin' Puzzlers.
books for Trev to read
the balance scale

It was probably an hour after I had filled the cupboard that Madd discovered there was a fresh supply of goods. I think they went through just about all of them today....

Curiously, playing Operation brought up "What is this apple doing here?""It's an Adam's Apple. Go talk to Daddy, and have him show you his Adam's Apple."
I don't think they believed me, but they ran off giggling to find their Daddy.

I just love furry metal.
And so do my children.

Research. (Trev's words.)
And more puzzles. Of course.

and now we've had dinner, and I'm late for a concert.G'night, then.

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