Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 26

Aah, it's Thanksgiving Eve.
Pies done?
Store run?
Uh... No.
Not quite.
Soon, though!

Here's our day. :)
It's been a pretty good one.

We started off with steam.
"What's that steam?"
"It's from the dryer."
"Aaah, you mean, like a Cold Front moving into Warm Air...?"
"Um. We have a book (or two or six) on weather. Wanna read it later?"
I suspect that he might have rolled his eyes at me at this point. He added, "I'm going to go investigate." He knows. I'm sorry to say that ambiguous concepts like Barometric Pressure and Cold Front mean nothing to this Mama. It's not something I can get my mind around. Much like electricity, and television. >:/. There! You've found me out.

Let's move on, shall we?

We created our very own Winter Wonderland today. Except we're not calling it Winter Wonderland, as that name might get so used that one could forget or overlook the Wonder. tisk tisk. So maybe Winter Enchantment. How's that?

It's actually been a really great process.
I'm not sure what's up with Little Son and his tolerance for Crafts! these days, but he really is. Really! I'm bending or threatening nary a thing.
And let me just say, too, that this particular Project was an especially fine one, because the whole day of creating was also a day of playing and exploring! Not just with the gathering of bits here and there, but each step was liberally sprinkled with magic and play.
Perfect, to this Mama's eyes... and heart.

I'm planning a "How To" posthaste, but in the meantime, here's a peak - along with the rest of our day....

"Bunny wants to paint, too!"
Make snow.
Have to gather bits so we can build a House for Mouse.

Trim the bits.
Play in the Winter Wonderland."That's a crazy biome, Madeleine," states her brother.

Gathering more pinecones for making Penguins.
Out of the house, then, all of us -Annabelle included- for a bit of running play.

and buried treasures.
We've danced and sung
and have served kindness to Loved Ones
and have performed Daring Fetes.
And let's not forget that we've made new Friendsand first sandwiches
... and pie.We've made Pie.


  1. Do tell about the penguins! Both Damek & Kyan like penguins. We will incorporate into our winter scenes coming up soon.

    What kind of pie? I think I've only made one pie from scratch in my life. I really need to make a pumpkin pie, I mean really, we still have about 10 pumpkins from the garden. I've never cooked this much pumpkin in my life, but we've been going through it and tonight we made Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Beautiful! And oh(!) the penguins are adorable!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Pecan pie! I detest pumpkin. Can you be born in October, and hate pumpkin pie??
    They came from Aubrey's Martha magazine. I love them!! (Sorry Aub, that I have your mag, and am using it! :/ Wull, but not that sorry.)
    Happy Thanksgiving Julie!

    And thanks! and Happy Thanksgiving Theresa!

  4. sweet photos. you guys are alwyas os busy with such good stuff.


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