Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 21

First thing we checked out our latest batch of crystals.Woohoo!

Yoga with Daddy.
We had to (were compelled to) research ladybug metamorphosis, and then particularly pictures of ladybugs in the pupa stage. Very cool.

Jumpin' with Daddy.

ZooTycoon for one (the prehistoric Asian Cave Lion is the favorite today) and Stanley for the other.

Bike ride with Daddy before he scoots himself off to work."Dad, do you think a monster can squeeze into our truck and house?" asks the littlest one.

Testing out a present we've made for a little Pirate friend of ours. Shhhh, don't tell.

Research on gargoyles. "I'd say that most gargoyles are in Paris, France." (He has said this before, quite a few times.)
"You would?"
"Yeah, like in this picture. See? This one is in Paris."
"It is?"
"Yeah.... see, you can see the Eiffel Tower back there."
And so you can.
I learned that gargoyles true function is being a water spout. I always thought they were there to chase away evil spirits, but if it isn't a waterspout, then it's really a chimera. Huh.
Trev wanted me to find about actually living gargoyles ("Please check, just to make certain!") and oddly enough, we found out some info at this site.
Imagine that.

Research on desert monitor lizards, frilled-neck lizards, and dingos.
Prob'ly more on that today.

A visit from the phone guy. 'Think the dsl is fixed. Yay!

And then a park date with friends. The nature park, we call it.

Julie discovered milk thistle. I'm so happy about that - I've never seen it (or certainly noticed it in its pod stage) and it's so beautiful!
And there was charmin' the horses.
While the babies did much exploring - touching, running, poking, neighing, and shouting, Trev and Damek were off on their own playing games of imagination. Both a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, no doubt about it.

And to the store to get Lego Batman (prob'ly you'll not be hearing much from Trev other than Lego Batman for a few days - he's been saving his money for six weeks to get it.)

Visiting with friends, and then to home! to home!

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