Tuesday, November 18, 2008

november 18

Trev started out his day with prehistory documentaries.

The mama started out with snowflakes! Maddie wanted to play, too.
Then Trev and I checked out Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving. We really enjoyed it! We read the whole thing.
I think Trevelyn was captured by it at the very beginning with "it took over two months going to a strange land, and they didn't know what to expect when they got there."
Woh, Indeed.

Then we read Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation. It was Trev's idea. I kept asking if he was doing alright, but he kept saying he wanted me to keep going (he does love Abe Lincoln). I stopped a few times to tell him what words or sentiment meant.

Prehistoric re-enactment.American Sign Language. We found a site that has short clips of lots of different words. We checked out a few.

You know this one.85 parts chocolate syrup to one part soy milk.
On the dishwasher's (clean dishes, at least) door.
And then this face when you take a picture of it.And then after Mama fixed her milk (to make it palatable) this.
We found the American Sign Language Alphabet and we did each of the letters. It's been a long time since I've done those signs. I was surprised that I remembered a few of them from when my sister was so interested with signing when we were children! :)

Bird love.And more love for the birds.Because they talked us into it.

Large pinecones
peanut butter, orange rind, forgotten raspberries, and bird seed.
"Mom, I'm gonna make a pond."
"Uh..."Before I had thought about it too much one way or another (thankfully) he had begun. He made himself a nice sized hole.
Filled it up.
Added a ramp.

Here Mama noted that she won't see too many more bare, muddy toes for a while.

He raised upthe ramp to make the launching further.
And fetched different cars that might fly better. Smoother. Faster. Farther.
Pretty soon it was decided that a barge was necessary. To rescue sunken cars.Which led to discussions of why ships sink when they take on water, and why the people were so terrified when it started to happen on The Mayflower.
And why the pond needed to be filled again. :)
And why he shouldn't trample in his pond... because it's akin to the elephants trampling their Watering Hole when they're so happy to have found it in the dry season.... pretty soon it little resembles water, only mud.

Wow! Isn't that so incredible how it's forming into squares! It reminds me of sugar molecules...
So awesome.
This one by far beats sugar or salt for us - it's awesome to see it actually happening...
Hey... let's see what it looks like under the microscope, want to?
Trev says it's cool how it looks like metal (under the 'scope). Which led to also looking at his pond water. Which to me looked like tiny bits of sand.
And then a tiny bit of his carrot.
Which appeared to be something of an orangeish color that was nothing but a bunch of holes.
Which led us to quantum physics - and how fascinating it is that ultimately things that we see and experience as solid and "real" are just cells filled with emptiness.
[shakes head]

In comes Trev showing me his (practicing) snapping skills.

"Where do we live?" asks The Little Pink One.
"Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America, the planet Earth."
"Where does.... Grandma live?"
"Pleasant Grove, Utah, the United States of America, planet Earth."
"Where does... Grammy live!?!"
"Salt Lake City, Utah, the United States of America, the planet Earth."
"Where does Papa live?"
Moore, Oklahoma, the United States of America, the planet Earth.
"Where does... Dora and Boots live?"
"Mexico, on the planet Earth. Want me to show you on the globe?" And off we go.

Maddie took up Reader Rabbit Preschool, and then JumpStart World.
And then KidZui.
(It's a rare thing for the 'net to be working these days. [rolls eyes in the General Di-rection of AT&T] )
And now Cartoon Network for Trev.

An incredible day, to be sure.
It's a pretty Perfect Day when all the Mama can do is run, hollering "Wait for Me!"


  1. Oh dear - I do recognize chocolate milk bubbles. She's so cute. :)

    You mentioned Moore, OK - I grew up in Ponca City, OK. Small world.

  2. Hi from fellow nature loving,unschooling mama! I stumbled upon your blog via the crafty crow (I think...) and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your posts. Your description of your day with your kids sounds ideal and very much like a day in our lives as well.
    Love the crafts!

  3. Hi Theresa, it's nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving such a pleasant, complimenting comment! :)

  4. hi stephanie - dropped by via crafty crow - your days with your kids sound wonderful. reminded me that maybe my mom has a microscope in the basement? must check. off to look for the snow flake recipe (what a good idea) if i don't find mine, could you share it?


  5. Mari-
    Ooh, what luck that would be! (if she still has it!)
    I hope you come back to see the crystal recipe - many of them say "about a cup or cup-and-a-half of borax to a cup of water", and that is so wasteful! Totally unnecessary.
    I just wrote a post "Crystallized Pretties", if you don't see it, do a search for it.
    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a nice comment!


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