Monday, November 17, 2008

november 17

Today started off with the Mama rubbing her hands with glee with The Many Possibilities Of Crafting....

A few hours later (when the sun had made its presence known) the babes had risen.

"Wanna make mittens for Grammy, now?" asked Madeleine's mother, "With buttons, and pretties like we did last year?"
"Yeah! Buttons! I want buttons on a Horsey!"
"A horsey?!?"
"Yeah. A horsey."
A few minutes later to dh... "Madeleine wants a horse. I'm tempted to find a template... how am I gonna draw a recognizable horse's outline? I don't trust myself..."
Says dh (using his brain) "Just look at one of the horses (toys) we have, and copy that."
Oh. Yeah. I could do that.... Goodness knows we have many a horse to choose from....(This would be a big part of the day)Done.

Mittens for Grammy!"Twinke, twinkle, how I poo...." hahahhaa!
We'll show you how they turned out tomorrow.

"Fly.... fly.... now flap your wings." The front door shuts, and Maddie comes through the kitchen and then into the den with Annabelle. "I'm teaching Annabelle to fly."

"Do flies have noses?"
Uh... the answer is "they have two Olfactory Organs...

Daddy got home from his first skiing day of the season...

rumpus rumpus.
and then off for a bike ride...

and swingin' from vines tucked into the back door. Trying not to run into that door tree.
and now The Clone Wars movie.

That's it for us!

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  1. That horse is amazing! You have been having so much fun lately, haven't you!-Kim


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