Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16

Today started out with Trev asking me if he could see my artifacts.

A little of this.
And working on our Thanksgiving Tree.
Maddie helped out Daddy by making a leaf for him. Because one of the things Madeleine is thankful for is "writing messages".

Maddie plays on the internet-- KidZui. "I am a genius!" she exclaimed.

She climbs on "Laugh". Because who doesn't enjoy that?

Trev helped sew up the beanbag today. His first sewing lesson.
On to our gift making....

This is mine for Maddie's room.
And Trev's for -er, Someone Who We Aren't Telling.
Madeleine as Schroeder.

And one more craft. This time for hanging at home.
I thought an Autumn theme would be nice

and sure enough, it is.
We used remnants from our fall nature walks.

Trev didn't fuss about the crafts.
I guess when we're doing it For A Reason, it's a tolerable enough pastime.

Scooby Doo's up.
G'night, then.

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