Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12

Today started out with Before the Dinosaurs, and Jurassic Park Danger Zone.

"What kind of family are cats and dogs in?"

The children got out the morphs and built them (the real animals). They were placed on the map of the world where they live, and I read to them about each one as they were built. There was a bit of interacting and story-telling with the animals, too, of course.
Puzzles. Big surprise.

Maddie finished her "Chicken". Uh - mine is a turkey.

(If you're visiting from The Crafty Crow, see this post for how we did the paints.)
Much Zoo Tycoon.

Later came mutant morphs - I was going to ask for its history - you know. What time period. Real or mythical? Future or past? Habitat? Diet? Classification? But -whoosh- he was gone and onto something else before I got out my first question. :)
There is also much "Like, Wow," and "Yoikes!" and "Jenkies..." here today.
Cooby, Dooby Rooooooo........

The O-Haus was gotten out.Wet Kitty vs. a single rainboot... little bit here, little bit there... there!
Perfectly balanced.

And more puzzles...
I think that's about it for us today.
It's 7:01 and All Is Well.


  1. Love the turkey's:) I think we may have to do that project since we have that same salad spinner:) They turned out great!

  2. Those Turkeys and chickens came out so great! I am digging that balance scale as well. we have on, but it's a dinky little thing, but i am putting it on the table for someone to discover..-K

  3. I followed a chain of blogs here =)! Your post makes me miss homeschooling. But it is for the best for now. Great little turkeys!Is there anyway to spin the paint w/out a spinner, well safely anyway?

  4. Erica -
    I don't think so. It has to move fast enough that centrifugal force happens.
    I don't see how you could manually make that happen.


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