Saturday, November 01, 2008

November 1

Today's been an interesting day.

Maddie started out wanting to help dust the livingroom so that she could play with my paper dolls.
Trev smashed the pumkins. Which he's been looking forward to since we cut the tops off to gut them to make jack's.
And Trev wanted to rake up leaves.
And then he wanted to mow the lawn. Which he did like six times. ?After he was done -maybe the third time- he asked if he was getting paid for it.
"How much did you have in mind?" inquired his Daddy.
"Well, hmm. About twenty bucks."
"You should really negotiate these things before you do the work, Son. Then you know if it's worth your time or not.", offered his Mama in a Helpful Tone.
His Daddy offered him five.
Trev accepted.

We thought we were going to have company, but it didn't turn out that way.
But we'll see them tomorrow!

There hasn't been too much candy eating going on. 'Course, we've had loads of candy in this house for about two weeks, so....

We made a new friend today. He turned his head toward him when Trev leaned down to introduce himself. Wasn't much interested in my wanting to get a good shot, I guess.We still need to look up to find out if he'll be hibernating. We suspect that he will.

And we looked up methane gas - as our indoor sandbox is emitting this funkety-funk-funk. It was alright until the babes put about a gallon of water in it the other day. After that I walked around for two days sniffing, and saying "where is that poo smell coming from?!?"
After Trev came upstairs once with this horrific smell on his hands (which remained after washing them!) I figured it out. Methane.
Microbes, plant matter, and soil. Thank you very much! So today we looked it up.
Ha! I considered making a science project out of it, but since we already have one....

Yet another day of shorts.
[shaking my head] Amazing.
I can't help but feel we're outside on borrowed time these days.

We're content, we're warm, we're engaged, and we're outside.
In bare feet.
On November first.
Life's good.


  1. Oh, synchronicity. :)

    I love that insect shot - that is a HUGE bug! Looks like a nice busy day!

  2. Sorry about the poo smell.... Love the Mantis! we are currently entertaining one! They are great! Can't believe you are in shorts! Grumble grumble..._kim

  3. Beautiful blog! I will be back. Blessings.

  4. it was a gorgeous fall day! looks like you made the most of it :^)


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