Saturday, November 22, 2008

Earthy Pinks

I am so in love with these beads.
Thanks so much to Denise, Mom in Madison.


  1. Kyan and I were talking about making beads when we did his bracelet, since i didn't have that many beads with larger holes in them. Are these made with clay? Something else to add to my list:)

  2. Julie -
    I absolutely love them.
    Wait - I said that already, didn't I?
    Yeah, clay.
    Roberts has little packages for about $2? each.
    Bake at 270 (since we're high altitude, I did some research on it) and I cooked ours for about 35 minutes, I think.
    The look and feel so wonderful.

  3. So pretty. I know what I want for Christmas!

  4. Wow - you have such great creative ideas on here! I'm getting inspired!

  5. I so love those colors! Is it polymer type clay?

  6. Wendy -
    Yeah. I mixed colors to get the tones I wanted. I really like the pearly ones! I only bought one like that - I'm going back today to get a couple more! (last time to the craft store for a while!) :)

  7. I'm playing post-sick kid catch up!

    Those turned out GREAT! I love it. Little hands always love making beads and molding the nice thick clay. I love the focused face. Cute!


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