Friday, November 07, 2008


Last night, after Maddie and I had fallen asleep, Trev came in and stood next to the bed.
(A little background - the den is right next to our bedroom, there is a doorway but no door between them, and our children sleep in the same room as us. So he was watching tv about ten feet away from my bed while I slept.)

He woke me up, upset. With what looked to be a sharp, pokey thing in his hand.
"Mom. I put three of those things in my nose (those thrice-damned bean bag styrofoam bean things), and i got some out, but now I have the other ones stuck in there. I want to get it out with this...." and holds up a long, black bobby pin.
Oh my God!
I shouted at him. Yes, I did. 'Bout gave me a heart attack.
Between the middle of the night awake fast-like and seeing what looked like a ten inch long glowing needle that he was going to jam into his nose to rescue himself (shudder) I freaked.
After shouting, "Blow!"
"Again!" Out it pops.
Other side.
"Blow!" Out it comes.
"Are there more???"
"No," squeaks Little Son.
"Never again. Do you hear me? Never again!!!"

He started to cry.
I was very near to tears myself for shouting at him. My only excuse is that I went from asleep to terrified in less than a blink.
"It's hard to feel Destined For Greatness when you're crying," says He.

But not with styrofoam beans halfway to your brain, evidently.


  1. oh my. now i;m teary as well. hope all is well.

  2. oh my. that would freak me out!


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