Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Today's been all about converting things.
Converting a grumpy, sullen Mama into an inventive and happy Mama. (Between Rain Forest Explorer and this, I was elevated out of my funk.)
Converting being trapped into a celebration of frosty fun.
Converting six-and-a-half inches to seventeen centimeters.
Separateness into Togetherness. (I was actually referring our togetherness, before doing puzzles together we were separately each doing our thing. It works doubly well, I guess.)
Converting regular old plain delicious snow into regular old watermelon delicious snow cones.
Gray and dreary into sparkly bright.
Rowdy and grumpy into soothed and snuggly.

Converting liquids into solids, and liquids into gas with What is the World Made Of? All About Solids, Liquid, and Gas.

Non into reading. (Eddie's In A Jam, and Who Spilled the Milk?)

Busy mid-afternoon into a seemingly late Winter's Night. All Of A Sudden.

And back to youtube. And spelling. "jurasic", this time.

It's 6:32, and all is well.


  1. would you look at all that snow!

  2. Love those days. The snow is beautiful.

    We did that puzzle today too. :)

  3. Denise - it's coming your way!

  4. Love the laundry basket down the stairs:) Our kids love playing on the stairs and I remember as a child endless games with my brother on the stairs.

    Oh, and the snow cone idea is great as well, I remember you guys doing that last year, I know my kids would love it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Say, weren't you just in shorts?
    Watermelon snow cones,mmmmm.
    Loved the stair sliding!-K

  6. Julie - I think Trev and Maddie got their love for stairs from your house!

    K - were we???

    Denise - I often see things on your blog that I've been meaning to do, or that I was just thinking about! So I'm not surprised. :)


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