Wednesday, November 12, 2008

all about plants and paints

After visiting Earth Kids again, I checked out the "spin art" idea, something we have never done.
It involves Paint, so of course Maddie was ecstatic.

First, sans kids, I tried water colors. That didn't work.

Trev had to be drug a bit initially, as it comes under the dreaded title of Arts & Crafts.
But since there is a serious Cool factor, he was with us soon enough.

In the name of More Thanksgiving Decorations we got out my good water color pencils.

The night before last Trev was asking Eric about seaweed. And what kinds of seaweed are edible. And then he asked me again yesterday.
So off we were!
Learning online about seaweed.
Then Trev said that he wanted to know what Leaves were edible.
Knowing that we have several plants in our yard that are edible, I did a search for "edible leaves" while he played, and made a list of the things we had in our yard that he could taste.
(I also learned that honeysuckle berries are very poisonous. Good to know.)
Soon enough my list was done, and off we were again.

hollyhock (they tried the flowers also)
bell peppers (couldn't find an edible leaf, it's a month past first frost, now.)
lamb's ears
ground ivy
St. John's Wort
It was interesting the way he'd smell them, touch them, and just really explore the leaves before he ate them.
The only thing he didn't want to eat was the cucumber - I found one that was partially green, but he didn't like the pricklies.

The one he really didn't like was St. John's Wort. He spit that out.

The rest of the afternoon was spent by each doing his or her own thing...
I finished my turkey when it was dry (using the spin art as the back/body/tail area), Maddie made another spun turkey because she cut hers into pieces with scissors, and later Trev recruited his daddy's help in looking up carnivorous plants... which Trev stayed with for the rest of the evening.


  1. Salad spinner art. Cool.
    Love that he ate all those plants.
    Can't wait to see your spin art tailed turkey.
    hint, hint..._k

  2. I love the idea of salad spinner art. Hope it washes off easily...

    My favorite is that she is holding her stuffed animal while she spins! I can totally see my daughter doing that too!

  3. CC -
    Oh, yes, we had "And now it's Bunny's turn!" :)
    The paints came out easily enough.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  4. This is fab. Home made spin art! It brought back great memories of childhood. When I was growing up, in Rio - Brazil, they used to have spin art machines in amusement parks and I so loved it. What a great idea to use a salad spinner for that. Btw, this is my first visit to your blog and is really sweet. I shall come back!


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