Wednesday, October 15, 2008

via Inigo Montoya

Today as we took our very short walk to the playground (previous post) my little son kept saying "Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya - you killed my father, prepare to die!"
I loved hearing it, as I'm sure you can imagine - being the fan that I am.
He ventured off the long way, as he had Scoots (his scooter) and Madd and I walked through the field.
Happily chitchatting along the way.
(unrelated to The Princess Bride) While on the playground swinging from the bars and whatnot, Little Son says "I need to start wearing a cup!" I didn't quite spew anything, as this is something he's said before, but then he continued on with "I need to start wearing a cup on my head!"
Then Maddie piped in with "My name is You Kill My Fadder. You care to die."

Funny little pirates.


  1. I was going under the assumption that everyone has seen or read "The Princess Bride".
    Maybe that isn't so.

    Though I may have made it sound like it's full cussin' and violence, that isn't at all the case. The s-o-b quote that I referred to a couple of yesterday is the only cussin', and "You killed my father, prepare to die" is important because Inigo has wanted to avenge his beloved father's death since he was a boy of eleven.

    It's a light hearted and fun film (and book!), and certainly not full of brutality and inappopriate content.

  2. I got it immediately. Too, too cool!!! I love it!


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