Sunday, October 12, 2008

sunday sunday

we've eaten snow

made soap

preserved previously-gathered fall leaves in melted wax

collected one or two more

discovered, melted, dipped, dunked, experimented, and ruined things in wax

started making a Christmas present for Grammy

played games

tidied up

eaten a whole pan of homemade brownies

and lots of pickles

made our household cleaners

read (Trev is coming along so amazingly fine on the reading front!)

watched television

worn mittens

gotten toasty warm sitting next to the heat vent

we've danced

made and hung up our paper jack o'lanterns

created spiders out of styrofoam balls, paint, sparkly pompons, pipe cleaners and googly eyes


made fried chicken

and mashed potatoes


settling in for a snuggle, soon....


  1. Your days are soundıng splendıd! We are so goıng to make those jack o lanterns when we get back! I mıss the gearıng up for halloween...-K

  2. Sounds like the perfect sunday:)

    Thanks for reminding me about the Jack o' Lanterns. We borrowed your idea last year and the kids had fun. Off to the craft store to buy orange & black construction paper:)

  3. I had to buy some, too - our packet of construction paper had no orange or black left! :)

  4. Wanted to add that it looks like I really didn't need to go buy orange and black paper, even though I did. Kyan chose pink & blue & yellow for his jack o' lanterns, and Damek wanted to do paper ghosts instead:) Oh well, I made some traditional orange and black ones for myself, so not all was a waste:)


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