Monday, October 20, 2008

Perfect Day Number October 20

There's been play with farms and animals again. Prob'ly because they were never put away from yesterday.

And computer play.

And research on something the children have been wanting to know - if a human voice can really break glass.
Which of course led to much singing and screaming. :)

And finding out, exactly, where are ducks' ears?
Which led to finding out whom are the predators of ducks?

Off to the Farm!

....But first... car seats. What to do when Daddy is cursin' and cussin' about the demmed carseats?
Pull of his cap and put on a (completely blinding and perhaps sweaty) helmet of Jengo Fett, of course!!That will surely cheer him up!
Poor Honey. lol.....

"I don't mean break your Little Hearts.... But did you know that some people eat you? You're gonna be Lamb Chops...""Dude! Don't tell them that...." says his Dearest Papa...

How on God's Green Earth she spotted this little thing, I have no idea. But she did.And here you have it.

I fear think that this is a picture of my Little Son with his metal detector in 60 years or so....(Little Son chases after him to have a Private Conversation)

Home again
Home again
Jiggety Jig


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  1. i absolutely adore the photo of the piglets and the teets. OMG! so sweet.


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