Sunday, October 26, 2008

oh, everything!

today has seen a bit of everything!
Trev had a date with his daddy at 11:40 to see Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

while they were gone, we managed not to miss them too terribly much.
soon enough the boys were back home (all kinds of giddy over the movie), and it was time for painting birdhouses while we waited for the butter for Halloween cookies to soften.when the houses are perfectly dry tomorrow, we'll glue our embellishments on them, drill holes in the tops, string them, and choose our Perfect Spots.

Mama had picked out two feeders instead of houses, so of course we had to fill all the birdfeeders.
aah, apples, then!

our friend Julie gave us a bag of apples from her neighbor's yard a week or so ago. many of which we ate, but we surely didn't want the ones that had been Previously Occupied to go to waste, so we found a recipe online for making apples especially delicious for our bird friends. in a day or so they'll be ready for hanging!

we've shown off Mad Bike-Riding Skills to Grammy when she came over for a quick visit.

there has been the singing of Alvin & The Chipmunks songs. (and watching the video that we borrowed. again. and again. andagainandagain.)

lots of cleaning. (including carpets... yay!)

building sleeping structures out of a thousand pillows in the livingroom.

chocolate chip cookies.

some Crazy, Mad airplane flyin'.

Crazy 8. which lasted so long that we quit the game before anyone won.

creepy bunny mask.
and mechanical bird mask.
and jack o'lantern mask.

looks like it's back to Alvin, Theodore, Simon, and Dave again.

Mama will snuggle in with a good book instead, thank you.
'night, then.

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