Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October 8

I was just wondering about holiday gifts from Santa yesterday. Wondering how many or what toys my little son will see on the tv, and think are supercool, only to eventually find it's a dud. (at least, for him.)
Was thinking of all the cool toys he has, and doesn't often play with --at least, not daily.

And now, this morning as I get up and check my email, I hear them playing in the next room. With T-Rex Mountain. They're making up stories, using false voices, and problem solving. They've engaged the cavemen, dinosaurs, woolly mammoth, and boulders.
A content Mama scoots off to clean the kitchen while the children play.

Tidying up.

Lots of hide-n-go-seek.

er - via dead mouse in the kitchen. Shudder. You know the routine. Thrice bleached. Then the usual freak-out clean, then the regular clean. whoof. (not mega-cleaning the whole dang kitchen - though it's on the list- just the general graveyard area.)

Walky-talky play.

Tree swing.

Rope swing.

Some kind of mysterious "crazy Elmo mixed up game" involving sharks and killer whales. The details were privileged information.

After a day full of tormenting (being rough and short-tempered with) his sister, and after being threatened that his Mama was gonna call the Jack-Ass Police to take him to live with the jack-asses on Jack-Ass Island where they brey and hee-haw all day long (which he thought was hilarious) he finally came out of his room, (he went in there to separate himself from us - to have a break) and said "Mom - I'm ready to be sweet and loving now." "I look forward to that," responded his mother. "Maddie - I'm sorry." "I'm sorry, too. Wanna play hide-and-seek?" "Ooooh, we've played that a Billion times today!... Okay, come on. You count to twenty-three, and I'll hide in the..." as their voices trail away.

General rumpus.

Dad's home!
Jumpin' on the tramp. With Daddy.
Hide-and-seek with Daddy.

Peanut Butter cookies for Maddie.
Chocolate Chip cookies for Trevy.

More jumpin'.

Funny - the tv hasn't even been on today. Too busy, I guess.

'Course, as I write this Little Son says "How'bout the Rescuers?"
Looks like it's The Rescuers again, this time with warm cookies and giant glasses of milk.

'Night, then.


  1. Here's my toy idea. Big, fancy Hot Wheels sets are expensive, hard to put together and don't work well even when they're assembled right. However, you can get plain orange track and a clamp to make one end high. My kids will play for an hour just running cars down the track. It seems crazy, but their minds are working out all sorts of scenarios as they do it.

    (P.S. Well, I was going to provide a link but apparently, the Hot Wheels orange track is hard to find these days. But I stand by my comment. It's an awesome toy.)

  2. i love that. jack ass island. hee-haw
    i've been there many times.

  3. Beverly - we have some! Like three sets, I think. :) (though I'd really like some curved ones.)
    Haven't gotten them out in a while.
    Hot Wheels tracks (not the simple orange ones) are exactly the sort of thing i'm talking about - they take up tons of room, take a long time to set up, and are really only good for a few minutes of good play.
    Things that look soooo cool on tv, that really are not.
    The year after we got his Swamp Beast hotwheels track, he wanted that year's newest one - and I was like - uh, no. :/

    I'm thinking about it now because I have to come to a comfortable place between "I really really want that" and "I know you won't play with it if I get it for you."

    I think we'll have to have a grown-up talk about it this year.

    Me, too.
    I hesitated about writing about it, as I didn't want to be judged as a person who calls her children names, but it's a part of us.
    I call Eric a jackass all the time (grin - well, not ALL the time, :) ) and he calls me and the babes jack-o-lantern or jackelope.

    It's always done to lighten the mood or to voice a grumble against another.
    I don't think any of us are hurt by it, and Jack-Ass Island seems to be an appropriate place to blast someone who's vexing you.
    And a good place to be sent when you're braying and kicking.


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