Tuesday, October 07, 2008

October 7

We started out today with building roads for Jeeps in our latest Zoo Tycoon game. (Thanks Chris, so much- - we're loving Endangered Species, Marine Mania, and African Adventure!!)

We read Gilgamesh The King.
Then The Revenge of Ishtar.
Then The Last Quest of Gilgamesh.

Which of course led us to the globe, to check out where Syria and Iraq are -where Mesopotamia was. And to find the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

And then to printing out global pictures of prehistoric Earth.

And on to imaginary Prehistoric Adventures. With hats and gear.

Which led to a walking jaunt to the store to get batteries for the walky-talkies.

And to looking up the Great Wall of China (since, you know, Gilgamesh was a builder of a Great Wall, himself). Which lead to google maps. And to seeing our house.

More outdoor adventures. Touring the Triassic. And getting pens ready to bring animals back. (er - to the future.)

JumpStart World. Again. Woohoo! One of Mama's favorites.

Popcorn (with redvines and milkduds) and a movie.

Life's good.


  1. Awesome! I love those rabbit trails that just happen because you just want to know. Gotta love a day that ends in red vines and milk duds!-K

  2. Don't forget to listen to "The Mesopotamians" by They Might Be Giants! :) I think I've posted the video on my blog. :)

    And--Naturalist has been playing Zoo Tycoon since she was 8. Best. Game. Ever!

  3. I love Zoo Tycoon. Over the years, it started having software conflicts with other things, we got a new graphics card that goofed it up, etc., etc. I should try again, though. My youngest hasn't really played it, and I know she'd love it, too.


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