Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27

First thing this morning was all about puzzles. I think Maddie did like eight in a row. With a wee bit of help at the start of each one.We went for a Family Bike Ride. Our first official one. It was.... a little trying, I'd say. In the spirit of not betraying anyone, I'll just be leaving that where it lies.

Madeleine finished up her birdhouse.

Then Trev was ready to do his.

And then just a bit of food to make it especially welcoming.

Let's have a bit more drilling, shall we? One can never get enough of dangerous power tools.

Computer play.

More love for the birds.
And finally sugar cookies.

Another night when the clock says 7, and it feels like 10.

g'night then.


  1. The bird houses are so lovely! I love all the bird love you have been spreading. We should get on that. It is cold in these parts, poor dears.
    Sugar cookies are making me want to go steal a snack-K

  2. Drills aren't really too dangerous, I don't think. I wouldn't tell the kids that, though; it might disappoint them.

  3. I know. :)
    But my son doesn't watch what he's doing, and would just walk around with a sharp bit on the end, swinging it close to people's faces and vrrrrring all over the place!
    Thus... dangerous. :)


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