Friday, October 24, 2008

October 23

Painting and coloring and mazing in the morning. "In the sunlight streaming in", Mama urged.
There is something about sunlight coming in through a window that just sets my heart fluttering.
And bright crayons being lit? Yes, please.

We did an experiment demonstrating how sound waves are actually energy and can move things.
We put a cut out piece of a grocery plastic bag over a bowl, then tightened and held it with a rubber band. Our book said to use brown sugar, but we found that salt and bits of soil worked better. Place a few sprinkles of something over the taut plastic, then nearby hit a wooden spoon -hard- on a cookie sheet (you may want ear plugs). The sound waves actually make the specks dance around!

Bikeriding. Of course.
At the playground clock I tried to help Trev further understand how minute increments work. I think I confused him when I told him "we don't have 8:60." I think he's very close, though. I should get out the little clock in the book we have, and also that time video.....

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  1. a day well spent, says the grrrlbug


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