Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21

Pancakes for breakfast.Interesting how Little Son's skills have come along - he was particularly careful to measure the ingredients exactly.
Bike ride. Initially today Little Son wanted a push off, so that he could get his balance and his feet settled on the pedals.
"Want me to show you how I get started?" His Mama showed him how to stand on one pedal while pushing off a few times with the other.
Well - that's all it took.
I am pleased to say that upon his third day, Trev is now a Bike Rider.
A professional, even, according to him.


CyberChase for Madd while Trev and I played JumpStart World 2nd Grade.

Reading, by Trevelyn.

Looking up conches (as instruments) and then several different gongs. Yay for youtube.

We made the wreath for our front door, using only things we've found on our walks the last few times.Everyone helped, and everyone got to decide where their objects were going to go, exactly.
Which kept order out of it.
But it's still pretty.

Maddie requested a couple of stories.
And Mama read four chapters of Stuart Little.

It's been a slow, pleasant, easy sort of day.
Delicious, really.

Now it's dark, cold, and we're snuggling in.
'Night then.


  1. Good for Trev! Damek's not quite there yet, he asked us to take his training wheels off earlier in the summer and then the next day wanted them back on:)

    Your wreath is gorgeous!!

  2. I am so so happy you have a camera again! i love looking at all of these glorious pictures! It has been a long time! Loving your craftiness lately!-K


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