Wednesday, October 01, 2008


life surprises us sometimes, doesn't it?

you run around all day with relatives, and they make a comment related to "whoof!" and you think, "What, this? We do this almost every day!?!"

and you attend the Science and Art Festival with friends (maybe Julie will post pics on her blog), and have a great time (except when Mama gets wiggy for a minute because of the crowd, and after Little Son breaks a slate with trilobytes in half! - gasp), and Little Son insists on taking the fifteen minutes between the Dinosaur lecture and the Amber lecture to tell the paleantologist his theories and stories. And you hope All Is Well.

And Little Tot starts asking how to spell Chugga-Chugga-Choo!Choo!, and various other things, and Little Son uses words like "cumbersome" and "antagonistic" in ordinary conversation.

And you sit down with him to play JumpStart World, and marvel at number one, his repositioning of the falling Tetris-style blocks is extremely efficient, and two that he's actually accelerating their drop speed just to move the game along, and you are left stumbling behind, blinking and whoofing -- trying to keep (er, catch) up.
Fast. That boy's mind is fast.
And you watch him play games that frustrated him a few months ago.

And you snuggle in bed half the day, because the children have caught colds.

And you grimace at the snot dried up on your skin and your clothes.

And you shake your head, filled with so much Life, and you think, "Even in this. Even in this ordinary, snotty, unhappening, unglorified set of days, life is amazing."

Life is Amazing.

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  1. Yeah. Life is pretty amazing and surprising. And full of Joy.


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