Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Will Follow: A Quick Interruption

Let me just say that I love my "Reading List" (Daily Dose Of Goodness) on the sidebar. This one, and the different one at HF.
Most of the blogs that I read are in there, and when I come to OLM, after I've written (or before) I can see who has updated - because they'll be at the top of the list with the post title given.
How great is that?

The ones in the sidebar I also "Follow", because I want to announce to Friends that even though I don't always comment (and often delete it right before I hit "Publish", instead) I do read, and am inspired and/or entertained by their blog.

And I always visit the title - never the post- so that I can read anything that I might have missed.

I love it!
It saves time, I don't aimlessly meander around wondering if anyone's written anything new.... :)
And I get to let them know "I Will Follow!"

Just so you know.

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