Wednesday, September 24, 2008

up to

the reading of A Midsummer Night's Dream from Tales from Shakespeare, by Tina Packer - who is the President and Artistic Director of award-winning Shakespeare & Company.

painting a birdfeeder for Madd.

painting on paper

pbskids on the tellie.


ZooTycoon Extinct Animals skeletal assembly.

The reading of The Big Fish, Snow Mouse, Eddie Digs A Hole, and Eddie And Little Skunk - all read by Trevelyn.

watching Little Das Hunt from Discovery Channel

exploring dinosaurs

watching Paulie.

Dora on

lego star wars

kneading bread dough

No Eggs For Eddie, The Big Fish, Camping, Eddie In A Jam, and Frog Cops, all read by Trev.

Sesame Street

zoo tycoon extinct animals

a little piece of styrofoam up in the nose. (a first for for this Mama.)

and then once again. just for fun.

twisting pretzels into various shapes - people, pretzels, pleisiosaur, heart

using magic to turn Trevelyn into Boots

making and playing with flubber. (glop)


  1. wow! you guys are busy. sounds wonderful.

  2. Most of this sounds familiar :) Life is good :)


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