Thursday, September 11, 2008


prehistory documentaries
physics kit explorations
dog training
pbs kids games online
berry picking
rope swinging
more dog training
more berry picking
pretend play
jumpstart world (with singing) for Madd
word girl videos and games... while sculpting with clay for Trev
helping Daddy
"Mom, too bad we don't have one of those x-ray things."
"Oh, you mean an x-ray machine?"
"Yeah, then we could see inside our bodies and see our food before it gets digested."
"Oh, yeah. I'll bet we could look that up....."
jumpin' on the tramp with Daddy.
birdhouse buildin' out of popsicle sticks for Mama. my first one ever. thought i was building it for Maddie, turns out i like it, and she'll get birdhouse number two.
the babes are cuddled at the compter, it's time to cook dinner, then popcorn and a movie.
all is well here.
g'night, then.

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