Monday, September 22, 2008

September 21

We'd hosted Saturday, so Sunday we went to the Cousin's house.
But on the way we went to Antelope Island in pursuit of a bit of adventure.
Which we didn't fall into, but we did do some exploring, running, and made many attempts to befriend and catch several lizards.
At our cousins house there were lots of new adventures to be had - we walked down the road to the creek and the climbing tree. And threw stones in the water. And played Pooh Sticks. And ran and jumped and hollered.
Back home we had dinner, and then gathered up apples from the yard to take to the neighborhood stables to feed the horses.
We even got to go inside the indoor stable - the first time we've been in such a place.
It was growing dark, so we scooted and walked home (to the cousin's), had popsicles, and eventually gave well wishes, kisses, and goodbyes and made the 1/2 hour drive home.

It's nice to be home.
In the quiet.
With no adventures planned!

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  1. Aren't barns magical and full of the most wonderful smells?-k


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