Monday, September 22, 2008

September 20

Saturday morning Papa (pronounced Pah-paw for you non-Southerners. My children can't seem to say it. sigh.) came into town from Oklahoma City. With Uncle Dean who hails from Galveston.
So the next two days of our lives revolved around Papa, cousins, dinner, adventuring, pictures, abundant energy, and loud noise.
Saturday afternoon was rainy, and we weren't sure what we were going to be able to do, so our cousins came to our house, and we hoped to be able to go to the Aviary in the park.
Eventually we got there. (My dad loaned me a camera so could take some shots.)

Back to our house for dinner, computer games, running, jumping, a movie, and making Pinwheels for Peace.
A lively Singin' In The Rain sort of day.


  1. Love the black & white in these pics, makes it very timeless. Like it could be in the 50's or something.

  2. For a loaner camera these are some amazing pictures!

  3. Well, here is where I say, Well, it COULD be because it's the same as mine?
    But maybe I won't admit such a thing.


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