Monday, September 22, 2008

September 19

Friday morning our friends met us at our house so we could follow them to a new (to us) park.
On the way there Trev, Maddie and I saw a five foot high and fifteen foot long banner naming a labor dispute. (We stopped next to it at the stoplight.)
This (of course) led to an in depth conversation about labor disputes, picket lines, freedom of speech, proper working conditions for employees, and Jesus.
All of that!

While our hike was pretty iffy at times - the sun was especially potent that day- it was a fine adventure. We gathered acorns for making fall crafts, a couple of leaves, and had a picnic lunch in a shady rocky stream bed. We saw several kinds of rocks - of course easily identifiable granite, but also some with what looked like large pieces of silver glitter on them, and a large pointed boulder with a streak of obvious quartz running through it. Very cool!!
After playing on the playground for a couple of hours and running and chasing and rolling down hills, we came home to our house to finish our fun.
One of our friends decided to stay behind, and spent the evening with us.
Which was really great for me, and I want to write about it, but since then I've had two days of action, and my head isn't ready yet!

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