Wednesday, September 03, 2008

High Country: Day Two

Imagine my surprise when I opened up my notebook to write a few words in Word, and finding that there was an unsecure connection. (which was why I was able to post that last post - but not again the entire trip.)

Dear Diary

Today has been all that it should be, I think.
After breakfast we wandered to Grandma and Grandpa's place to see what plans they had for the day. It turns out they were thinking along the same lines as us - an invigorating walk among the swaying aspens and firs.
Soon enough we were off - with Daddy's pack full of snacks, lunch, Mama's tiny homemade first aid kit, and plenty of water.
Not too thrilling a walk, but not disastrous, either, at least.

Directly after finding ourselves at the end of our loop and in front of our cabin, Grandma invited the babes over for watermelon.
I stayed behind, wanting to steal a few minutes for myself.
After my guilty respite I grabbed the bag full of sand toys, for I thought that it might be about time that the grandparents were wishing for a few quiet minutes for themselves.
Sure enough, the babes were very interested in a game of volleyball and digging in the sand.
Horseshoes for Daddy.
Then a vigorous and quite lengthy game of volleyball.
Grandma and Grandpa eventually sauntered on over. Basketball with Grandma for Madd. Lots of sand play. Trev received instruction on horseshoe throwing.
A lively couple of hours, to be sure.
We've invited them for dinner tonight.

Ernest Hemingway and his father are living next door.
At least I think it's Ernest Hemingway. What year is it?

Old Mother West Wind (though she isn't feeling particularly West-Ful today) can't decide if she is packing up her Merry Little Breezes for the evening yet, or not.
She is, she isn't.
She is, she isn't.
Trevelyn and his Daddy are off to catch some fish as soon as she decides that Indeed she Is.

Dinner has been started.
Trevelyn has received his instruction today on survival skills.
Madeleine has painted circles.
And pears.
And shadows of pears.

'ope - here are Grandma and Grandma now, coming for dinner.
'night, then.

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